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itpp::Uniform_RNG Class Reference

Uniform distribution. More...

#include <itpp/base/random.h>

Public Member Functions

 Uniform_RNG (double min=0, double max=1.0)
 Constructor. Set min, max and seed.
void setup (double min, double max)
 set min and max
void get_setup (double &min, double &max) const
 get parameters
double operator() ()
 Get one sample.
vec operator() (int n)
 Get a sample vector.
mat operator() (int h, int w)
 Get a sample matrix.
double sample ()
 Get a Uniformly distributed [0,1) sample.
void sample_vector (int size, vec &out)
 Get a Uniformly distributed [0,1) vector.
void sample_matrix (int rows, int cols, mat &out)
 Get a Uniformly distributed [0,1) matrix.

Detailed Description

Uniform distribution.

Definition at line 354 of file random.h.

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