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oIT++ People
oCoding Rules
oCopyright and License
oDocumentation Rules
oMain features of IT++
oMake a Difference
oIT++ Installation
oLinking with IT++
oTest Rules
oUsers Guide
oIT++ Supported Systems
oBPSK modulation over an AWGN channel
oSimulation of a convolutional encoder and decoder
oSimulation of SISO demappers using ST codes in ideal MIMO channels
oEXIT chart of PCCCs
oInterleaving and de-interleaving of data
oWriting and reading data from files
oSimulation of LDPC codes the AWGN channel
oGeneration of LDPC codes
oConversion table between IT++ syntax and Matlab/Octave
oMIMO (spatial multiplexing) with convolutional coding
oUsing Mixture of Gaussians (MOG) module to model data
oSimulation of PCCCs in an AWGN channel
oSimulation of QPSK modulation on an AWGN channel
oGenerating a correlated Rayleigh fading process
oSimulation of a Reed-Solomon Block Code
oSimulation of SCCCs in an AWGN channel
oSimulation of a Multicode CDMA system on an AWGN channel
oUsing timers to measure execution time
oSimulation of turbo equalizer in multipath channels
\A very simple tutorial about vectors and matrices
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