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29 #include <itpp/signal/resampling.h>
32 namespace itpp
33 {
35 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------
36 // Instantiations
37 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------
39 template ITPP_EXPORT vec repeat(const vec &v, int norepeats);
40 template ITPP_EXPORT cvec repeat(const cvec &v, int norepeats);
41 template ITPP_EXPORT svec repeat(const svec &v, int norepeats);
42 template ITPP_EXPORT ivec repeat(const ivec &v, int norepeats);
43 template ITPP_EXPORT bvec repeat(const bvec &v, int norepeats);
45 template ITPP_EXPORT mat repeat(const mat &m, int norepeats);
46 template ITPP_EXPORT cmat repeat(const cmat &m, int norepeats);
47 template ITPP_EXPORT smat repeat(const smat &m, int norepeats);
48 template ITPP_EXPORT imat repeat(const imat &m, int norepeats);
49 template ITPP_EXPORT bmat repeat(const bmat &m, int norepeats);
51 template ITPP_EXPORT vec upsample(const vec &v, int usf);
52 template ITPP_EXPORT cvec upsample(const cvec &v, int usf);
53 template ITPP_EXPORT svec upsample(const svec &v, int usf);
54 template ITPP_EXPORT ivec upsample(const ivec &v, int usf);
55 template ITPP_EXPORT bvec upsample(const bvec &v, int usf);
57 template ITPP_EXPORT mat upsample(const mat &v, int usf);
58 template ITPP_EXPORT cmat upsample(const cmat &v, int usf);
59 template ITPP_EXPORT smat upsample(const smat &v, int usf);
60 template ITPP_EXPORT imat upsample(const imat &v, int usf);
61 template ITPP_EXPORT bmat upsample(const bmat &v, int usf);
63 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const vec &v, int usf, vec & u);
64 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const cvec &v, int usf, cvec & u);
65 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const svec &v, int usf, svec & u);
66 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const ivec &v, int usf, ivec & u);
67 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const bvec &v, int usf, bvec & u);
69 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const mat &v, int usf, mat & u);
70 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const cmat &v, int usf, cmat & u);
71 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const smat &v, int usf, smat & u);
72 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const imat &v, int usf, imat & u);
73 template ITPP_EXPORT void upsample(const bmat &v, int usf, bmat & u);
75 template ITPP_EXPORT vec lininterp(const vec &v, int usf);
76 template ITPP_EXPORT cvec lininterp(const cvec &v, int usf);
78 template ITPP_EXPORT mat lininterp(const mat &v, int usf);
79 template ITPP_EXPORT cmat lininterp(const cmat &v, int usf);
81 template ITPP_EXPORT void lininterp(const vec &v, int usf, vec & u);
82 template ITPP_EXPORT void lininterp(const cvec &v, int usf, cvec & u);
84 template ITPP_EXPORT void lininterp(const mat &v, int usf, mat & u);
85 template ITPP_EXPORT void lininterp(const cmat &v, int usf, cmat & u);
87 template ITPP_EXPORT mat lininterp(const mat &m, double f_base, double f_ups, int nrof_samples, double t_start);
88 template ITPP_EXPORT cmat lininterp(const cmat &m, double f_base, double f_ups, int nrof_samples, double t_start);
90 template ITPP_EXPORT vec lininterp(const vec &v, double f_base, double f_ups, int nrof_samples, double t_start);
91 template ITPP_EXPORT cvec lininterp(const cvec &v, double f_base, double f_ups, int nrof_samples, double t_start);
93 } // namespace itpp
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