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oBase Module
|oArray, Vector and Matrix Classes
|oArgument ParserArgument Parser
|oBasic and Miscellaneous Math Functions
||oError Functions
||oHyperbolic Functions
||oLogarithmic and Exponential Functions
||oMiscellaneous Functions
||oNumerical IntegrationNumerical integration routines
||\Trigonometric Functions
|oBessel Functions
|oConversion Functions
|oDiagonal Matrices and Functions
|oError and Warning Handling
|oFunctions on MatricesFunctions on vectors and matrices
|oIT++ File FormatThe IT++ file format
|oLinear Algebra
||oInverse Matrix
||oMatrix Decompositions
||\Solving Linear Equation Systems
|oRandom Number Generation
|oReshaping of Vectors and Matrices
|oSpecial Matrices
oCommunications Module
|oChannel ModelingCommunication Channel Models
|oDigital Modulation
|oForward Error Correcting Codes
|oMiscellaneous Communications Functions
oFixed-point ModuleFixed-Point Data Types
oNumerical Optimization ModuleNumerical optimization routines
oProtocols Module
oSignal Processing (SP) Module
|oDeterministic Sources
|oFast Independent Component Analysis
|oPolynomial Functions
|oResampling Functions
|oMiscellaneous SP Functions
||oDiscrete Cosine Transform (DCT)One dimensional Dicrete Cosine Transform
||oFast Fourier Transform (FFT)One dimensional fast fourier transform
||\Fast Hadamard Transform (FHT)
|\WindowingWindowing functions
oSource Coding Module
|oImage Functions and Classes
|oLPC-related Functions
|\Source Coding Routines
oStatistics Module
|oMiscellaneous Statistics Functions
|\Mixture of Gaussians (MOG)Classes and functions for modelling multivariate data as a Mixture of Gaussians
\MexfilesConversions between IT++ and Matlab for writing mex-files
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