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itpp::Audio_Stream_Description Class Reference

Description of audio stream. More...

#include <itpp/srccode/audiofile.h>

Public Member Functions

 Audio_Stream_Description ()
 Default ctor - creates uninitialized description.
 Audio_Stream_Description (Audio_Encoding e, int sr, int nc=1)
 Construct with stream parameters: encoding e, sampling rate sr and number of audio channels nc.
Audio_Stream_Descriptionset_encoding (Audio_Encoding e)
 Set encoding of audio samples.
Audio_Stream_Descriptionset_sampling_rate (int sr)
 Set sampling rate (samples per second)
Audio_Stream_Descriptionset_num_channels (int nc)
 Set number of audio channels.
Audio_Stream_Descriptionset_description (const std::string &d)
 Set stream annotation.
Audio_Encoding get_encoding () const
 Get encoding of audio samples.
int get_sampling_rate () const
 Get sampling rate (samples per second)
int get_num_channels () const
 Get number of audio channels.
const std::string & get_description () const
 Get stream annotation.

Detailed Description

Description of audio stream.

This class holds information about the stream of audio samples. Information includes samples encoding, number of channels and sampling rate. Stream can be annotated via set_description() method.

Definition at line 66 of file audiofile.h.

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