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oCitpp::AR1_Normal_RNGFiltered normal distribution
oCitpp::Array< T >General array class
oCitpp::Array< Array< int > >
oCitpp::Array< ATimer< Selective_Repeat_ARQ_Sender, int > >
oCitpp::Array< bmat >
oCitpp::Array< bool >
oCitpp::Array< cvec >
oCitpp::Array< Fading_Generator * >
oCitpp::Array< GF >
oCitpp::Array< itpp::Array< itpp::cvec > >
oCitpp::Array< itpp::Array< itpp::vec > >
oCitpp::Array< itpp::vec >
oCitpp::Array< itpp::Vec< unsigned > >
oCitpp::Array< ivec >
oCitpp::Array< Link_Packet * >
oCitpp::Array< mat >
oCitpp::Array< Packet * >
oCitpp::Array< std::string >
oCitpp::Array< vec >
oCAudio_Sample< Audio_Encoding >Generic template class for Audio samples
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_alaw8 >ALaw-encoded Audio samples
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_double >Audio samples encoded as doubles
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_float >Audio samples encoded as floats
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_linear16 >16-bit PCM encoded audio samples
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_linear24 >24-bit PCM encoded audio samples
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_linear32 >32-bit PCM encoded audio samples
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_linear8 >8-bit PCM encoded audio samples
oCitpp::Audio_Sample< enc_mulaw8 >ULaw-encoded Audio samples
oCitpp::Audio_Stream_DescriptionDescription of audio stream
oCitpp::AWGN_ChannelOrdinary AWGN Channel for cvec or vec inputs and outputs
oCitpp::Base_EventBase Event Class
oCitpp::Base_Slot< DataType >Base Slot class
oCitpp::Base_Slot< ACK * >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< Array< Packet * > >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< bool >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< double >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< int >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< itpp::Packet * >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< Link_Packet * >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< Packet * >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< std::string >
oCitpp::Base_Slot< void * >
oCitpp::BERCBit Error Rate Counter (BERC) Class
oCitpp::Bernoulli_RNGBernoulli distribution
oCitpp::bfstream_baseBase class for binary file classesThis class serves as a base class for the classes bofstream, bifstream, and bfstream. It controls the endianity (i.e. the byte order of multibyte numbers on the disk) of the inhereted classes
oCitpp::binBinary arithmetic (boolean) class
oCitpp::BLERCClass for counting block error rates
oCitpp::Block_Interleaver< T >Block Interleaver Class
oCitpp::BSCA Binary Symetric Channel with crossover probability p
oCitpp::Channel_CodeGeneric Channel Code class
oCitpp::Channel_SpecificationGeneral specification of a time-domain multipath channel
oCitpp::Circular_Buffer< T >General circular buffer class
oCitpp::Compare_Base_Event_TimesCompare to events, Returns true if expire time of event1 is larger than the expire time of event2
oCitpp::Complex_Normal_RNGA Complex Normal Source
oCitpp::random_details::DSFMT< MEXP, POS1, SL1, MSK1, MSK2, FIX1_V, FIX2_V, PCV1_V, PCV2_V >::ContextDSFMT context structure
oCitpp::CRC_CodeCyclic Redundancy Check Codes
oCitpp::Cross_Interleaver< T >Cross Interleaver Class
oCitpp::it_file_base::data_headerData header structure
oCitpp::it_file_base_old::data_headerData header structure
oCitpp::random_details::DSFMT< MEXP, POS1, SL1, MSK1, MSK2, FIX1_V, FIX2_V, PCV1_V, PCV2_V >C++ implementation of dSFMT random number generator
oCitpp::Event_QueueEvent Queue class
oCitpp::EXITEXtrinsic Information Transfer (EXIT) chart
oCitpp::Exponential_RNGExponential distribution
oCitpp::FactoryBase class for class factories
oCitpp::Fading_GeneratorFading generator class
oCitpp::Fast_ICAFast_ICA Fast Independent Component Analysis (Fast ICA)The software is based upon original FastICA for Matlab from A. Hyvarinen. Fast and Robust Fixed-Point Algorithms for Independent Component Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, 10(3), pp. 626-634, 1999
oCitpp::it_file_base::file_headerFile header structure
oCitpp::it_file_base_old::file_headerFile header structure
oCitpp::Filter< T1, T2, T3 >Virtual Filter Base Class.The class is templated as follows:
oCitpp::Filter< std::complex< double >, double, std::complex< double > >
oCitpp::Filter< T1, double, T1 >
oCitpp::Fix_BaseBase class for fixed-point data types
oCitpp::Freq_Filt< Num_T >Freq_Filt Frequency domain filtering using the overlap-add techniqueThe Freq_Filt class implements an FFT based filter using the overlap-add technique. The data is filtered by first transforming the input sequence into the frequency domain with an efficient FFT implementation (i.e. FFTW) and then multiplied with a Fourier transformed version of the impulse response. The resulting data is then inversed Fourier transformed to return a filtered time domain signal
oCitpp::binfile_details::Fstream_Binfile_FacadeFstream Interface Facade for Binary Streams.This class implements std::fstream facade to make ITPP binary file streams exportable from dll. This facade implements basic functionality only. It does not provide an access to the following stream facilities (all of them are useless for binary streams)
oCitpp::Gamma_RNGGamma distributionGenerate samples from Gamma(alpha,beta) density, according to the following equation:

\[ x \sim \Gamma(\alpha,\beta) = \frac{\beta^\alpha}{\Gamma(\alpha)}x^{\alpha-1} \exp(-\beta x) \]

oCitpp::GFGalois Field GF(q)
oCitpp::GF2matClass for dense GF(2) matrices
oCitpp::GF2mat_sparse_alistParameterized "alist" representation of sparse GF(2) matrix
oCitpp::GFXPolynomials over GF(q)[x], where q=2^m, m=1,...,16
oCitpp::GMMGaussian Mixture Model Class
oCitpp::GoldGold Sequences
oCitpp::Histogram< Num_T >Histogram computation class
oCitpp::I_Uniform_RNGInteger uniform distributionExample: Generation of random uniformly distributed integers in the interval [0,10]
oCitpp::binfile_details::Ifstream_Binfile_FacadeIfstream Interface Facade for Binary Streams.This class implements std::ofstream facade to make ITPP binary file streams exportable from dll. This facade implements basic functionality only. It does not provide an access to the following stream facilities (all of them are useless for binary streams)
oCitpp::Impulse_SourceImpulse source
oCitpp::it_file_baseBase class for it_ifile and it_file
oCitpp::it_file_base_oldBase class for it_ifile_old and it_file_old
oCitpp::Laplace_RNGLaplacian distribution
oCitpp::LDPC_GeneratorLDPC Generator pure virtual base class
oCitpp::LDPC_ParityLDPC parity check matrix generic class
oCitpp::LFSRBinary Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR)
oCitpp::Line_SearchLine Search
oCitpp::LLR_calc_unitLog-likelihood algebra calculation unit
oCitpp::Mat< Num_T >Matrix Class (Templated)
oCitpp::Mat< bin >
oCitpp::Mat< T >
oCitpp::Mat< unsigned char >
oCitpp::Modulator< T >General modulator for 1D or 2D signal constellations
oCitpp::Modulator< double >
oCitpp::Modulator< std::complex< double > >
oCitpp::Modulator_NDBase class for an N-dimensional (ND) vector (MIMO) modulator
oCitpp::MOG_genericGeneric Mixture of Gaussians (MOG) class. Used as a base for other MOG classes
oCitpp::Multicode_Spread_1dMulticode spreading of float symbols
oCitpp::Multicode_Spread_2dMulticode spreading of complex symbols to complex output
oCitpp::MultilaterationMultilateration class for 3D indoor localization
oCitpp::NameAutomatic naming when savingAn easy way to give a variable a name and optionally description when saving. Usage:
oCitpp::Newton_SearchNewton Search
oCitpp::Normal_RNGNormal distributionNormal (Gaussian) random variables, using a simplified Ziggurat method
oCitpp::OFDMClass for modulating and demodulation of OFDM signals using the FFT
oCitpp::binfile_details::Ofstream_Binfile_FacadeOfstream Interface Facade for Binary Streams.This class implements std::ofstream facade to make ITPP binary file streams exportable from dll. This facade implements basic functionality only. It does not provide an access to the following stream facilities (all of them are useless for binary streams)
oCitpp::ParserArgument Parser Class
oCitpp::Pattern_SourcePattern source
oCitpp::Pulse_Shape< T1, T2, T3 >General FIR Pulse Shape
oCitpp::Pulse_Shape< T1, double, T1 >
oCstd::queue< T >STL class
oCitpp::Random_GeneratorBase class for random (stochastic) sources
oCitpp::Rayleigh_RNGRayleigh distribution
oCitpp::Rec_Syst_Conv_CodeA Recursive Systematic Convolutional Encoder/Decoder class
oCitpp::Rice_RNGRice distribution
oCitpp::Sample_24Small class to represent 24-bit PCM samples
oCitpp::Sawtooth_SourceSawtooth-wave source
oCitpp::Scalar_QuantizerClass for vector quantization
oCitpp::Sequence_Interleaver< T >Sequence Interleaver Class
oCitpp::Sequence_Interleaver< bin >
oCitpp::Sequence_Interleaver< double >
oCitpp::Signal< DataType >Signals and slots
oCitpp::Signal< ACK * >
oCitpp::Signal< Array< Packet * > >
oCitpp::Signal< bool >
oCitpp::Signal< double >
oCitpp::Signal< int >
oCitpp::Signal< itpp::Packet * >
oCitpp::Signal< Link_Packet * >
oCitpp::Signal< Packet * >
oCitpp::Signal< std::string >
oCitpp::Signal< void * >
oCitpp::Sine_SourceSine-wave source
oCitpp::SISOSoft Input Soft Output (SISO) modules
oCitpp::SND_In_FileClass to read audio data from au file
oCitpp::SND_IO_FileA class for doing both input and output of audio samples
oCitpp::SND_Out_FileA class to write SND-files (the .au format)
oCitpp::Sort< T >Class for sorting of vectors
oCitpp::Sparse_Mat< T >Templated Sparse Matrix Class
oCitpp::Sparse_Mat< bin >
oCitpp::Sparse_Vec< T >Templated sparse vector class
oCitpp::Sparse_Vec< bin >
oCitpp::Spread_1dSpreading of float symbols to float output
oCitpp::Spread_2dSpreading of complex symbols to complex output
oCitpp::Square_SourceSquare-wave source
oCitpp::Stack< T >General stack class
oCitpp::StatA class for sampling a signal and calculating statistics
oCitpp::STCSpace Time block Codes (STC) class
oCitpp::TDL_ChannelTapped Delay Line (TDL) channel model
oCitpp::TimerA virtual base class for timers
oCitpp::Triangle_SourceTriangle-wave source
oCitpp::TTimer< THandler >
oCitpp::TTimer< TCP_Receiver >
oCitpp::TTimer< TCP_Sender >
oCitpp::Turbo_CodecTurbo encoder/decoder Class
oCitpp::Uniform_RNGUniform distribution
oCitpp::Vec< Num_T >Vector Class (Templated)
oCitpp::Vec< double >
oCitpp::Vec< std::complex< double > >
oCitpp::Vec< T >
oCitpp::Vec< T1 >
oCitpp::Vec< T2 >
oCitpp::Vec< T3 >
oCitpp::Vec< unsigned >
oCitpp::Vector_QuantizerClass for vector quantization
oCitpp::random_details::DSFMT< MEXP, POS1, SL1, MSK1, MSK2, FIX1_V, FIX2_V, PCV1_V, PCV2_V >::Context::W128_TData structure to hold 128-bit values
\Citpp::Weibull_RNGWeibull distribution
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