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itpp::Event_Queue Class Reference

Event Queue class. More...

#include <itpp/protocol/events.h>

Public Member Functions

 Event_Queue ()
 ~Event_Queue ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void add (Base_Event *e)
 Add event to Queue.
static Ttype now ()
 Return current time.
static void start ()
 Start executing events.
static void stop ()
 Stop execution of events.
static void clear ()
 Remove all events.


class Base_Signal

Detailed Description

Event Queue class.

A class for storing and executing events. Events can be added to the queue and when the start() is called all events will be executed. Observe that Events need to be created before they are added to the queue by calling an appropriate constructor. However, expired events are destroyed automatically (the destructor is called).

Definition at line 126 of file events.h.

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