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itpp::Filter< T1, T2, T3 > Class Template Referenceabstract

Virtual Filter Base Class.The class is templated as follows: More...

#include <itpp/signal/filter.h>

Inheritance diagram for itpp::Filter< T1, T2, T3 >:
itpp::AR_Filter< T1, T2, T3 > itpp::ARMA_Filter< T1, T2, T3 > itpp::MA_Filter< T1, T2, T3 >

Public Member Functions

 Filter ()
 Default constructor.
virtual T3 operator() (const T1 Sample)
 Filter a single sample.
virtual Vec< T3 > operator() (const Vec< T1 > &v)
 Filter a vector.
virtual ~Filter ()
 Virtual destructor.

Protected Member Functions

virtual T3 filter (const T1 Sample)=0
 Pure virtual filter function. This is where the real filtering is done. Implement this function to create a new filter.

Detailed Description

template<class T1, class T2, class T3>
class itpp::Filter< T1, T2, T3 >

Virtual Filter Base Class.

The class is templated as follows:

Definition at line 54 of file filter.h.

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