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itpp::LDPC_Generator Class Referenceabstract

LDPC Generator pure virtual base class. More...

#include <itpp/comm/ldpc.h>

Inheritance diagram for itpp::LDPC_Generator:
itpp::BLDPC_Generator itpp::LDPC_Generator_Systematic

Public Member Functions

 LDPC_Generator (const std::string &type_in="")
 Default constructor.
virtual ~LDPC_Generator ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void encode (const bvec &input, bvec &output)=0
 Generator specific encode function.
std::string get_type () const
 Return generator type.
void mark_initialized ()
 Mark generator as initialized.
bool is_initialized () const
 Check if generator is initialized.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void save (const std::string &filename) const =0
 Save generator data to a file.
virtual void load (const std::string &filename)=0
 Read generator data from a file.


class LDPC_Code

Detailed Description

LDPC Generator pure virtual base class.

This is an abstract base class for LDPC generators. It provides a generic interface that is used by the LDPC_Code class. The LDPC_Generator class can be inherited to create a new type of generator. In addition to the default constructor, the following three pure virtual methods need to be defined in a derived class: encode(), save() and load().

See the LDPC_Generator_Systematic class for an example implementation of a derived generator.

Adam Piatyszek

Definition at line 523 of file ldpc.h.

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