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itpp::Multicode_Spread_1d Class Reference

Multicode spreading of float symbols. More...

#include <itpp/comm/spread.h>

Public Member Functions

 Multicode_Spread_1d ()
 Multicode_Spread_1d (const mat &incodes)
vec spread (const vec &symbols)
 Spreading function.
vec despread (const vec &receivedsignal, int timing)
 Despreading of signal. timing is the start position of the first symbol, given in number of samples.
void set_codes (const mat &incodes)
 Set the spreading codes. Each row represent one spreading code. The spreading factor equals the number of columns.
mat get_codes ()
 Returns the matrix containing the spreading codes used as rows in the matrix.
int get_period ()
 Returns the spreading factor.
int get_nocodes ()
 Returns the number of multi-codes used.

Protected Attributes

mat codes
 The spreading codes used size ( $L \times N$)
int L
 The number of multi-codes.
int N
 The spreading factor.

Detailed Description

Multicode spreading of float symbols.

Obeserve that the spreading is normalized so that the energy per bit is preserved before and after spreading (that is each symbol is multiplied with 1/sqrt(N)). Hence, for the multicode case the energy is normalized for one symbol (code) but the transmitted signal consist of a sum of several signals.

Example: See Spread_1d

Definition at line 199 of file spread.h.

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