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itpp::Real_Timer Class Reference

A real time timer classMeasures real time. More...

#include <itpp/base/timing.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Real_Timer ()
 Create a new timer. Sets the time to zero.
void start (void)
 Start the timer. This does not set the time to zero.
double stop (void)
 Stop the timer. Returns the elapsed time in seconds.
void reset (double t=0.0)
 Sets the time to time t, which is zero by default. Stops the timer if it is running.
void tic (void)
 Resets the timer and starts it.
double toc (void)
 Returns the elapsed time since last tic()
void toc_print (void)
 Prints the elapsed time since last tic()
double get_time () const
 Returns the elapsed time.

Protected Member Functions

double get_current_time () const
 Vitrual function that returns teh current time.

Protected Attributes

double start_time
 The start time of the timer.
double stop_time
 The stop time of the timer.
double elapsed_time
 The ellapsed time from start to stop.
bool running
 A bool that indicates if the timer is running or not.

Detailed Description

A real time timer class

Measures real time.

Usage: Define a time object:

Real_Timer timer;

Actions: Reset:






Get time:

elapsedtime = timer.get_time();

It is possible to get elapsed time without stopping the timer. Observe that it is also possible to use the macros "time.tic();" to reset and start clock and "time.toc_print();" to print the elapsed time.

May give an negative answer if the measured time is too long.

Definition at line 138 of file timing.h.

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