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itpp::Scalar_Quantizer Class Reference

Class for vector quantization. More...

#include <itpp/srccode/vq.h>

Public Member Functions

 Scalar_Quantizer ()
 Default constructor.
 Scalar_Quantizer (const char *Name)
 Create a VQ from a VQ file.
int encode (double x) const
ivec encode (const vec &x) const
 Encode the input vector.
double decode (int Index) const
 Decode the index.
vec decode (const ivec &Index) const
 Decode the indices.
double Q (double x) const
vec Q (const vec &x) const
 Quantize the input vector.
double operator() (double x) const
vec operator() (const vec &x) const
 Quantize the input vector.
void set_levels (const vec &L)
 Initialize the codebook by a matrix.
vec get_levels () const
 Returns the codebook.
int size () const
 Returns the size (number of codevectors) of the VQ.

Protected Attributes

vec Levels
 The vector containing the code book.
double LatestDist
 The distortion at the latest time a vector was encoded.

Detailed Description

Class for vector quantization.

The following code illustrates how the quantizer can be initialized from a file and used to quantize a random vector.

Scalar_Quantizer Quantizer;
double x,y;
int i;

Definition at line 152 of file vq.h.

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