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itpp::Stack< T > Class Template Reference

General stack class. More...

#include <itpp/base/stack.h>

Public Member Functions

 Stack ()
 Default constructor.
 Stack (int n)
 Create a Stack of size n.
 Stack (const Stack< T > &s)
 Create a copy of s.
virtual ~Stack ()
 Default destructor.
pop ()
 Pop the topmost element of the stack.
peek () const
 Peek at the topmost element of the stack, without removing it.
void push (T v)
 Push an element at top of stack.
void clear ()
 Empty the stack.
void operator= (const Stack< T > &s)
 Assignment operator.
int size () const
 Returns the maximum number of data elements the stack can store.
int no_elements () const
 Returns the number of data elements currently in the stack.
void set_size (int n, bool copy=false)
 Resizing a Stack<T>.

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class itpp::Stack< T >

General stack class.

This class is a general stack class for arbitrary types.

For rarely used types you will need to instantiate the class by

template class Stack<type>;

The following example shows how to define a Stack of vectors:

vec a = randn(10);
vec b = randn(20);
Stack<vec> my_stack(10);
cout << my_stack.pop() << " " << my_stack.pop() << endl ;

Definition at line 66 of file stack.h.

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